Any time a page (payment page, payer page, etc.) is created via API, the pageOptions object is used to specify how the page should look.

Field NameTypeDescription
headerTextStringDisplays as large header on top of page.
subHeaderTextStringDisplays as smaller text right beneath header.
footerTextStringAppears right above primary action of page.
hideCustomerHeaderLogoBooleanDefault is true. If a customer has uploaded a logo, setting this to false will display that logo at top of page.
durationIntegerDuration of page in seconds. Default and max is 1 year: 31540000. Any value entered below 15 minutes will be set to that (900).
stylingStringAllows for custom CSS and HTML templates. Requires prior conversation with ClientPay team. If there are certain custom styling elements desired that are not supported by other page options, those style guidelines can be sent to ClientPay and assigned a styling ID for use with your API pages.

Passing in "1" will use default styling. Passing in a null value will use any custom styling the customer may have set up.
disableRecaptchaBooleanDefault is True. If false, recaptcha will appear at bottom of page.
enablePayerSavingBooleanDefault is True. Only relevant for payment pages. If true, allows for payment method and payer information entered on page to be saved within ClientPay for future use.
isPayerFacingBooleanDefault is True. Language changes slightly when payment page is payer facing. Especially noticeable if eCheck is turned on for customer, but even if not, it is recommended to always provide accurate an accurate value for this field.
"pageOptions": {
    "headerText": "string",
    "subheaderText": "string",
    "footerText": "string",
    "hideCustomerHeaderLogo": true,
    "duration": 0,
    "styling": "string",
    "disableRecaptcha": true,
    "enablePayerSaving": true,
    "isPayerFacing": true