Creates a payment page with one or more invoice line items on it.

Header Parameters

accessId*StringUnique identifier that ensures that the integrator has the authorization to make requests on behalf of the customer. (Specifically, a customer's merchant account)

Body Parameters

token*Object/HashObject containing authentication parameters - most crucially the requestId which is required with every call. For more information, see the Token Object.
invoices*Array of ObjectsList of invoice objects to be generated as line items on the payment page.
payerOrPaymentMethodIdStringIf a payer ID is provided, will surface all payment methods under that payer as options for payment. If a payment method ID is provided, will surface just that payment method on the payment page.
nameOnAccountStringPrepopulates the cardholder name/name on account field on the page.
billingAddressObject/HashObject containing billing address fields that will be prepopulated on the resulting payment page. See the billing address object for more details.
pageOptionsObject/HashObject containing various page customization options. See the page options object for more details.
emailOptionsObject/HashObject containing various options for emailing a payment receipt. See the email options object for more details.
responseOptionsObject/HashObject containing various options posting of data back to you, the ClientPay Integrator, once a payment has been completed. See the response options object for more details.