Creates a page on which data can be entered to create a new or modify an existing payer.

Header Parameters

accessId*StringUnique identifier that ensures that the integrator has the authorization to make requests on behalf of the customer. (Specifically, a customer's merchant account)

Body Parameters

token*Object/HashObject containing authentication parameters - most crucially the requestId which is required with every call. For more information, see the Token Object.
acceptMultipleMethodsBooleanDefault is True. Determines whether more than one payment method can be added on page.
hidePayerNamePanelBooleanDefault is True. If True, won't display payer name (first/last/business) information. If False, will show it (but will not be editable on this page). Will automatically show if no payerId provided.
payerIdStringIf a payer ID is provided, will surface all payment methods under that payer. Any new payment methods added on the page will be tied to that payer. If none provided, will assume brand new payer is being created.
allowEditsToExistingMethodsBooleanDefault is True. If True, allows edits/deletions to existing payment methods for the payer. If False, existing methods are locked and only new ones can be added.
pageOptionsObject/HashObject containing various page customization options. See the page options object for more details.
responseOptionsObject/HashObject containing various options posting of data back to you, the ClientPay Integrator, once a payment has been completed. See the response options object for more details.