Add Click-To-Pay Link to Bill Presentment

The Scenario

Partner (You) already sends out emails alerting the client that a new invoice is ready but would like to add a click-to-pay link to those communications. Then, once the payment is completed, partner would like to receive back the payment information so that accounts receivable info can be updated within the partner system.

The Solution

  • Partner sets up simple web service URL to receive postback data once a payment is completed.
  • When an invoice is created within the partner app and the notification email gets generated to the client, partner makes a call to ClientPay with that invoice’s data (information like due date, outstanding balance, invoice number, etc.) making sure to include the web service URL where postback data will be sent after payment completion.
  • ClientPay returns a payment page URL.
  • Partner embeds the URL in the email.
  • Client opens link in email and makes a payment.
  • As soon as payment is completed, ClientPay posts relevant payment data to the address provided.

Pros and Cons



Simple integration requiring minimal work for partner

Single use page. If client makes partial payment, partner will need to generate new link in order to collect remainder. If you're interested in creating your own reusable link with ClientPay APIs, click here.

Easy to use and navigate for client.

Immediate post-back allows balances to get updated in real time within the partner app.

Sample Page